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BPS Communications, LLC (Brandl Personal Safety Communications) has been in existence since 1989. BPS Communications, LLC is the producer and main distributor of the book and three-part video series "Scenarios in Self-Defense ©". Mary Brandl and Anita Bendickson are the co-authors. Any of the three videos or the book is useful on its own; when used together they reinforce and build on each other.

Click Videos & Books to learn more.BPS Communications, LLC has also written and produced customized orientation videos for companies and/or departments where the jobs commonly involve tense situations and confrontation. 

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Mary Brandl has been an educator and consultant in the areas of "Personal Safety" and "Managing Confrontation" since 1980. She has tailored and adapted workshops to better accommodate differences in outlook, age, abilities, and specific job duties and responsibilities. She has worked with people from a wide range of social, economic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds, including individuals with various physical and/or mental disabilities.

Mary Brandl has worked with crime victim services on both a local and national level and is therefore aware of and sensitive to victim/survivor issues. Mary has a number of distinctions and honors in her field. She is also a 4th Degree Black Belt in Japanese Shotokan Karate under the American Amateur Karate Federation. 

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